Ashley offers private coaching for students of all backgrounds and specialized classes for performing arts conservatories, theatre companies and high schools in the areas of:

Musical Theatre Interpretation   Song/Text Synthesis   Song Selection   Audition Technique   Microphone Technique   

Recording Studio Etiquette   Improvisation  Scene Study   Dialects (IPA) Vocal Technique

On-Camera taping in full studio with professional lighting and sound

Miss Linton has worked professionally for over 20 years in the industry. She holds a BFA from The Boston Conservatory with an emphasis in Music from Berklee College of Music. She has taught all across the US and Canada. Notable teachers include Robert McCaskill, Victor Jannett and Bruce Kolb, D.M.A.

She also teaches a master class called “Performers Perspective,” including a variety of techniques useful for theatre, film, television and voiceovers.

Children’s classes include “The Young Actors Progress Project” and “Theatre for the Tiny Actor.”

Master classes are also available through the Musical Theatre Guild.

For performance credits, please visit www.ashleyfoxlinton.com

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Young Actors Progress Project

Theatre for the Tiny Actor

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